The company

We are a Peruvian biotechnology company with over 8 years of experience in the domestic and international market, which provides agricultural formulations of nutrients NPK deficiency correctors , Bio-stimulants, phosphites, adjuvants and biopack plus for its customers, which seek in us tailored products to increase their yields and increase the profitability of their agricultural production.



We are a manufacturer company of agricultural solutions , through biotechnological products for plant nutrition , we are also committed to providing the best solutions to our customers, in order to meet their needs.


ECOFERTILIZING SAC in 2030, will be a leader in the agricultural sector, with a presence in the national and international market, which is characterized by research and innovation, advice to distributors and heads of field, applying continuous improvement systems and also to provide excellent service to meet the growing and changing needs of our customers.

Our values:

  1. Punctuality: We are worthy of your trust, we will always be with you to support you at all times, faithfully fulfilling our agreements.
  2. The highest quality: Because you deserve, we offer reliable solutions, because our products go through a rigorous quality control, and receive expert advice.
  3. Disclaimer: We assume responsibility and fulfill our commitments and agreement, because we want to build relationships that endure over time.
  4. Teamwork: We know that the most important results, in efforts to find a team that strives for excellence and is committed to what he does.
  5. Honesty: We are full in our approach, offering quality products at a fair price, to support our people in their growth.
  6. constancy and perseverance : Anything is possible if we work hard, and that perseverance is synonymous with achievements, triumphs positive results reflected the benefit of employees and the company.
  7. Passion: We deliver the heart and soul in every step we take, every decision we make, in order to provide perfect solutions that result in the welfare of our customers.

Social responsability:

Ecofertilizing SAC , contributes to protecting the environment, developing products biotech benefiting the agricultural sector, increasing the quality and productivity of crops by more sustainable means, as a result improves our quality of life and so we can enjoy all the benefits that nature offers us.

The aim of Ecofertilizing SAC is working to leave a green and healthy planet, as such  we are on duty to care for and protect the world we live in and we leave to our generations.