CLEANER SALT is a concentrated liquid based in the chelating and complexing properties of calcium salts
with polycarboxylic acids and polyamines that act on the balance and ion exchange (Ca ++, Na +, etc.). It’s
ideal as a soil amendment, when it is incorporated into irrigation water, salinity is corrected and prevents
toxic ions (Na+) from accumulating in the colloidal complex of the soil.


  • It’s composition base on calcium, acts in the coloidal complex of the soil, preventing excess sales
    from remaining permanently in the soil, preventing solidification.
  • It acts by decreasing the RAS of the water and this increases the infiltration rate.
  • Don’t altered the properties of irrigation water, improving the structure and reducing the toxicity of
    Sodium on crops.


Frasco 1L, Galón 4L, Bidón 20L, Cilindro 200L

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