RIZOSFERA It’s a liquid rooting biostimulator, specially created to promote and stimulate root development for better growth of seedlings, transplants, rooted stakes and fruit trees. Its formulation is perfectly balanced and all the nutrients are chelated with amino acids, in an assimilable way, achieving a better bud in the roots and a faster and more vigorous growth of the seedlings.


  • It is an inducer of the tissues in the root because it improves the formation of the absorbent hairs where the
    absorption of water, nutrients and other minerals existing in the soil is carried out.
  • It provides amino acids derived from a careful enzymatic hydrolysis, which guarantees the chelation of
    nutrients by organic methods.
  • Zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and other mineral nutrients are involved in the stimulation of cell division of the root cortex.


Frasco 1L, Galón 4L, Bidón 20L, Cilindro 200L

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