HORMOCIT It’s a bio-stimulant cytokinin with zeatin and glucosiadated chelated biotrays, necessary to
increase the capacity of the root system, flowering and maturation, it’s characterized by having a high amount
of cytokinins of natural origin, from extracts of seaweed, Lessonia, luminaria, Micronized Fucus and
Macrocystis, metabolic extracts of resinous plant yolks and physiological activating microbial extracts that
act as enzymatic cofactors of plant metabolism.


  • Provides the nutrients and energy needed to help plants overcome dormancy.
  • Because of it’s high concentration of cytokinin stimulates the formation of roots and buds and promote
    cell division. Cytokinins counteract the effects of aging and stress on plants.
  • Provide stress tolerance to plants in part by stimulating root development and also by triggering
    antioxidant activity.
  • They allow a uniform bud and the lateral grow at par with no apical dominance so it promotes the lateral
    growth of the plant, allowing a harmonic growth of it.
  • Increase the price of flowers and fruits and increase the number of flowers and fruits. By clustes or by


Frasco 1L, Galón 4L, Bidón 20L, Cilindro 200L

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