FORMULA CaMg+B with hepta-Gluconate, whose action is to provide electrochemical forces to chelate Calcium
and Magnesium cations and the complex ion of Boron – monoethanolamine, it ensures good correction of deficiencies and makes absorption and translocation more efficient.


  • Decreases the incidence of physiological disorders, apical fruit necrosis, hollow cavities and / or necrotic.
  • Provides the essential calcium ion in the stability of the membranes providing greater firmness in the stem of the plant.
  • Provides Boron at points where intense cell division occurs, as it acts on the formation of pectin in cell
    membranes, such as vegetative apices.
  • Free of chlotides, sulfates and carbonates.


Frasco 1L, Galón 4L, Bidón 20L, Cilindro 200L

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