CARBOXYLIC ACIDS 5´, formulated as a function of the ligands of polycarboxylic acids, obtaining a
balanced, whose action is to provide electrochemical forces to combat salinity, to make the root absorption
and translocation of water and nutrients more effective, achieving to self-regulate the osmotic differential.


  • It has five types of carboxylates that provide a synergistic and combined effect between: citric acid,
    tartaric acid, malic acid, fumaric acid and salicylic acid.
  • It doesn’t alter the properties of irrigation water, but the correction of saline waters takes place in the
    colloidal complex of the soil, preventing the excess of toxic salts from being permanently retained in the
  • Reduces salinity, decreasing the levels of electrical conductivity (C.E.), the percentage of
    interchangeable Sodium (P.S.I.) and the ratio of sodium absorption (R.A.S).


Frasco 1L, Galón 4L, Bidón 20L, Cilindro 200L

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