AGROZYME V is a concentrated biostimulant, produced in enzymatic bioreactors, combinig phytochemical extraction methods with microbial biotransformations, to obtain molecules with biological activity, many of them precursors of natural growth regulators, vitamins, coenzymes and cofactors that regulate root and leaf apical elongation, flowering, fruit set and maturation, giving better yields in harvest.


  • When applied foliarly the plant recovers vitality and productivity by translocation of primary metabolism
    molecules (glucose and amino acids) and secondary (phenolic, hormonal and provitamin precursors) saving photosynthetic time in generating it, due to the absorption of preformed metabolites that optimize the biochemical and physiological metabolism of the plant. This achieves higher Brix content, higher% starch protein, oil and tannis.
  • The composition of phytoalexin precursor phenolic molecules stimulate an efficient response to biotic attack and allow it to recover from abiotic stress.
  • In all these effects, AGROZYME V optimallt achieves the enzymatic metabolism, releasing inactive enzymes, inducing them to carabolize or anabolize in the cascade system, reactions that without AGROZYME V would take longer or not take place.


Frasco 1L, Galón 4L, Bidón 20L, Cilindro 200L

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